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7 Tips to install a new hand basin

Below you will see a few tips to install a new hand basin

7 Tips to install a new hand basin

This post will let you make and freshen up your bathroom by yourself like DIY thing and make your bathroom become shiny new basin. There are a few different styles of basin which you can take a look on how to install the most common basin with pedestal.

1. You can protect your floor and your new basin by lay a dust sheet on the floor. After you do that you have to begin the next step by connecting your taps to the basin which it much more easier to do this before the basin is installed. Find it simpler if you carefully place the basin on the side or upside down. These will allow you to fit the washers on the tail of each tap and feed the tap through the holes in the basin. After you do that you have to add flexible push fit tap connectors with build in isolating valves for each tap. This is especially helpful when you need to change a washer.

2. Step two, you have to fitting the waste trap and waste outlet. In order to avoide any leaks that may happen you have to carry out carefully. To ensure a watertight finish you have to use a good quality of sanitary silicone sealant around the waste hole in your new basin. You can also push the waste outlet through the hole and fix firmly in place. It’s also necessary to apply sanitary silicone sealant behind the washer to provide additional protection against leaks.

3. For third step you have to pedestal where you want to sit and carefull place the basin on top. Adjust all necessary until the pedestal is in the center over the pipework and able to touch the wall. You have to check the level then mark the position of the fixing holes on your wall. After that you have to arrange the flexible piple that connectors in order to fit behind the pedestal. Please note that you have to mark the inlet pipes where they will need to be cut. It may need to be long enough to meet with the fittings on the pipe connectors. Please take note that your pipe is in the correct position to join to the trap.

4. After you satisfy with the position then remove the pedestal and basin. One more thing before you move you have to drill into the wall and floor where you have made your marks which it’s very important to check for hidden pipes and cables. You can use detector because it’s the best way to do this. You have to check the floor fixing positions for hidden pipes or cables then drill the holes and on a solid floor. You have to use pipe cutter to cut the inlet piple from your marked and file until smooth. After you done everything then move on to fitting the trap to the waste outlet pipe.

5. After you finish set up the put the basin and pedestal back in to the normal position then using the pre drilled holes and screw the basin to the wall and pedestal on the floor. Please look carefully not to over tighten the screws.

6. At these step you will finish plumbing by pushing the flexible tap connectors on the inlet pipes amd secire the waste pipe into the trap. You have to turn on the water and open the isolating valves. At these step if you see any leaks then re tighten the connectors and fix it.

7. After you complete it all then place masking tape at the bottom of the pedestal and use an appropriate silicone sealant under the base and trim to tidy once it dry.

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