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7 Tips for Styling Smarts

Make your bedroom an ultra functional for decorating

Headboard: Let’s start with headboard which you can find in the market for a new one. If your ceiling is standard height 8 to 10 feet liik for a style that’s 45 to 54 inches from the floor to the top. If the applies to rectangular headboards arched versions can be taller in the middle. You want enough height to be able to lean back but there should be no more than one foot of headboard above the tallest pillow. Otherwise any art will be pushed too high an upholstered version adds a nice layer of texture and is the most comfortable type for stitting up in bed.

Bedside Table: Nightstands that are the height of the bed or an inch or two lower generally 24 to 27 inches high. If you want to try mismatched pair of table make sure both are the same heigh or within two inches of each other. A surface that’s at least 18 inches deep allows you to fit a lamp plus an object or two like a clock, a stack of books or a vase.

Bench: A bench at the foot of the bed helps a room feel pulled together and provides a curl up spot for kits who can not sleep. But if you do have at least three feet of space between the bench and the opposite wall you are better off skipping it. To keep the room from feeling crowded. Avoid a dinkly bench. It should fill about 2 or 3 the width of the bed.

Art: The wall area above the bed is prime real estate for art. But because it’s such a prominent spot, a piece too puny or overwhelmingly large can ruin the room. Art that fills about 2 or 3 of the space vertically and horizontally is no fail.

Lamps: To unify two very different bed side tables, top them with a pair of matching lamps. A drum style shade is always a safe bet, the clean shape will never feel dated.

Lighting: Like reading in bed? If you are the one that love reading in your own bedroom. The bottom of the nightstand lamps’ shade should be 13 up to 15 inches above the surface of the mattress to give you the best light.

Throw: Toss a cozy blanket over you duvet in winter. In warmer months, keep it on a chair in the room instead.

Rug: The ideal floor covering gives you at least 20 inches of rug on all three sides of the bed. Any less looks cramped and awkward.




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