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7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes


7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

When you shopping for a faucets which its aesthetics is not the only thing to consider to pair it well with your washbasin in order to ensure that the mixer provides a comfortable height between the spout and the bottom of the sink.

Below you will see 7 common bathroom design mistakes


1. Bulk your medicine cabinets in order to keep their depth to 150 mm in order to avoid hitting them when you bend down.
2. Don’t combiine too many differnt metal finishes if your fittings is not match for example chrome, brushed metal and matte.
3. Constantly your wet floor in order to ensure that the types of tiles and gradient of floor finish leveling is appropriate.
4. Unsuitable material veneer disintegrates quickly in a humid environment and glossy tiles are certainly fodder for accidents.
5. Installing downlights in the middle of the dry area instead of install them above the countertop or basin in order to avoid backlighting.
6. If your bathroom do not have any windown which it will casues a dark and damp bathroom which you should replace part of the solid wall with clear tempered glass and install a proper ducted exhaust and ventilation system instead of extractor fan.
7. Split your medicine cupboard mirror when customising a mirrored medicine cabinet in order to avoid design that have door opening up from the middle otherwise, a vertical line will be divide your face when you look at your relection.

Tips: Showerheads while ceiling mounted showerheads able to create the sensation of bathing under the rain a handheld showerhead is good to have if you don’t want to get your hair wet all the time.

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