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6 Tips for Dynamic Stretches

Below you will see a great 6 tips for Dynamic Stretches

High Leg Lift

This movement fires up your fast twitch muscle fibres priming them for heavier work. For motion that can rise your right knee and foot while you raise your left arm. Drive your foot down to the ground and generate a double foot contact as your left foot and knee begin to lift. Alternatie legs and arms.

Butt Kicker

For butt kicker with hamstring flexibility allows for a greater range of motion on most compound leg exercise and reduces the risk of injury to this crucial muscle group. For motion is by keeping your thighs perpendicular to the floor and simply run in place kicking your glutes with your heels on every step.

Lunge with Elbow to Instep

This is a strength training that move with fortifies against injury by warming up and stretching your glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors. For motion by step forward into a lunge with your right foot and place your left hand on the ground and your right elbow to the inside of your right foot. Hold for 1 up to 2 seconds and press through your front heel to walk into the next step.


This move able to enhances blood flow to your shoulders and arms while awakening the deep muscles of your core and further stretching your glutes and hams. For the motion is to start in a push up position and while keeping your legs straight with slowly walk your feet toward your hands. Next walk your hands out all the way into a push up position. Perform the specified number of reps.

Arm Circles

This types is a schoolyard activity prepares your rotator cuff and delts and other small muscles of the sholder for your workout. For motion by place your arms fully extended at your sides and roll your arms in large deliberate circles. Perform these forward and backward before your workout.


Your body is all warmedup and now you are ready to sprint with a few exercises will give you the same results for overall fitness, speed and physique and help take your glutes hammies and quads to the next level. For motion by a core remains engaged the entire time then keep your chest up and your arms at 90 degree angle then run so that you are pushing away from the gound at the hip done properly this will help reduce the risk of hamstring pulls or tears. Do not start to slow down until you have crossed the finish line. You have to slow your sprint down gradually to a jog and then a walk before shaking it out and walking back to the start.

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