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5 Ways to Build Muscle

5 Ways to Build Muscle

3 Hours in the gym? if you play and focus on weight training and not focus on legs, arms and back or play cardio too much and do not rest enough. This is a wrong way to develop your muscle. Now let see the solution to solve your building body problem. Below will guide you to the right direction.

Before you start reading useful article below you must know the nature of muscle and the way that it grew. Muscles grow after you lift a heavy weight. Your muscle need to rest and refresh themselves because when you do weight lifting your muscles will working hard and sometime your muscle will tearing. Your body needs to rest in order to repair and adding muscle instead. Below you will see some tips to make you understand more and able to develop your muscles to become bigger like you want.

First, your must know your structure of your body

This is the most important thing to help you organize your exercise program with your trainer or by yourself. Diet Program can help in these step and below you will see 3 type of diet program that suit for your body.

  • Ectomorph (Slim)
  • Mesomorph (Normal Shape, not fat or skinny)
  • Endomorph (Fat)

Second, Do not Trained too hard

Do not trained your muscle too hards because when you do exercise and weight lifting too much and forget to rest may not make your muscle grow very well because when you build your muscle it must come for three things together which are Rest, Exercise and Control your Foods. If you not follow these three things your muscle will lost instead of increasing. It is not good for building muscle if you have training too heavy because your muscle will not healthy. If you feel like tired, difficult to sleep, frequent colds and easy to feel stressed which these will warn you that you exercise in a wrong way.

Third, Fitness muscles not enough

You must understand the system of your body first in order to maintain the balance throughout the body because your body will not allow the arm or shoulder become bigger than main muscles at the back, legs or chest. So you have to play the main muscles first and then follow by smaller one. Do not forget that the muscles will not grow if the lower part of the leg muscle do not grow because your body is trying to maintain a balance.

Fourth, Train Hard but take a little time

For the time that you spend for weight lifting must not more than one hour when you are in the gym because if you stay in your gym more than 1 hour which mean that you are not focus on weight lifting. When you do weight lifting you muse play hard in order to add more weight in order to make your muscle become bigger.

Fifth, Eat Eat and Eat

You can not build your muscle without eating. If you do not eat enough your muscle will not grow like you want. You should eat every three hours and each meal should include carbohydrates such as rice, bread, protein and many more. You nee protein 1.5 up to 2 grams per pound of your body weight. In the first day of training you should eat 4 up to 5 times a day. Another important thing which you need to drink water at least 8 glasses because it will help your metabolism work better

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