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5 Tips to remodel your home

Below you will see a few tips for ambitious remodel for your home with breathing waterfront location
5 Tips to remodel your home

1. Reinvent Family-Friendly Style

New driftwood finish oak flooring and few gallons of white paints on the wall and hearth able to give the living room become a modern look and face lift. The furniture is thick denim, slipcover in order to ensure that the space is ready for everything. It’s a must with kids and dogs in the house.


2. Create the illusion of larger space

You can enlarging the kitchen’s footprint would have to eaten into the narrow dining area which you can do your best to make the minimal square footage appear airy and spacious. If you switched out full size appliances for smaller. The apartment friendly versions, introduced subtile texture and sparkle with a clay tile and expanded the pass through to the main living area.


3. Build in Storage Space

If you have the narrow dining area you can opted for a slim rectangular table and carved out some much needed storage courtesy of a new built in buffet and open shelving.


4. Dress it up

Floor to ceiling wain scoting that completely transformed the children’s bunk room that taking it from a cramped closet like space that have charming sleeping quarters reminiscent of a cabin on a ship. It actually turned out to be one of your favorite spaces in the house.


5. Put the view first

To replaced the worm wooden railings that once defined the balcony with thick glass panels which serve as a welcome update to the home. It will providing nearly unobstructed views of the ocean. The panel also allow natural light to flow into the adjacent living space.

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