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5 Things to consider for your perfect kitchen

5 Things to consider before calling your contractor


The Perfect Kitchen is a kitchen that only as good as its layout. You can find out on how to design a kitchen that blends ergonomics and surly efficiency

Layout of Kitchen

1. Layout for a kitchen and kitchen faucet to be effective and systematic, the first and most important principle that must be planned is the work triangle. Essentially, this considers how the three work zones preparation (sink and countertop), storage (refrigerator and pantry), and cooking (cooktop, oven and hood) that situated in relation to one another. The farther apart they are, the more steps you have to make and the more time you’ll waste while preparing a meal. At the same time, if they are too close to each other, you will feel cramped and constrained while working. In order for you to move around your kitchen with ease, standard dimensions must be followed. A space of at least 80cm between each zone is ideal, and no obstructions like cabinets or islands should intersect a “leg” of the work triangle. In addition, we recommend creating walkways or aisles that are at least 100 to 120cm wide, which can accommodate two persons at a time. Countertop height is best at around 85 to 90cm and depth at 60cm, while wall-hung cabinets should be at least 55 to 60cm above your countertop. A kitchen island should have at least 60cm clearance on all sides to allow space for work, movement and eating in.


2. Ventilation is also necessary. The right hood will keep the air in the kitchen and your home clean and comfortable. There are two important things to consider when choosing a hood. It’s length and depth should cover the entire cooktop, and its power rating (or ability to quickly extract fumes) should be appropriate to your kitchen layout and the type of cooking you usually do. An open-plan kitchen needs a hood with a more powerful rating.

Kitchen Storage3. Storage is an unnecessary clutter hampers work flow. Thus, proper and smart storage is essential to every kitchen. We suggest keeping cooking utensils in pullout drawers or have them hung near work areas. Frequently used items should be placed on the first level of the wall cabinet. Seldom used cookware and tableware should be stored on upper levels of overhead cabinets or bottom levels of base cabinets. Corner drawers or corner pullout baskets will also work great in small kitchens.

Lighting for Kitchen
4. Lighting is a thing that very necessary and every kitchen should have practical and ample lighting so tasks can be done quickly and safely. We recommend using simple recessed fixtures that are easy to clean. In addition, you could also install lights underneath wall units.

Kitchen Appliances

5. Appliances is Consider your cooking routine. If you cook for your family on a daily basis, then a four burner, dual-fuel (gas and electric) cooktop partnered with a canopy or a chimney hood are a must. Other basic appliances like a convection oven, a microwave oven and a rice cooker are also useful additions. However, take account of your available space. Refrain from buying appliances that you use only sporadically, lest they add clutter to your workspace.

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