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5 Things to consider for your Bathroom

Tips and Tricks for Bathroom

Tips and Tricks for Bathroom
Bathroom is a heaven for rest and relaxation for everyone after having a hectic day at work or outside. There are a few guides to planning the ideal bathroom.

Below you will see 5 important things

Bathroom Space
Bathroom Space

Usage of bathroom hits its peak in the morning, especially among couples and families. So, how do you address the issue of catering for busy individuals bent on getting to work or to school on time? If your bathroom affords the space, then having two sinks will help ease the crunch. Alternatively, consider creating a “dry area” for toweling, combing hair and vanity routine. One way of doing it is to move the sink slightly away from the shower area.

Light & Ventilation

These days, most bathrooms don’t come with windows or skylights. To illuminate the bathroom, create a balanced contrast for three basic types of lighting, namely ambient, accent and task. Soft ambient lighting needs to be introduced in a concealed manner to compensate for the lack of natural daylight. This can be done through the larger spatial elements of wall mirrors, ceiling board or wall niches. Give your bathroom a little drama with isolated accent lighting directed at specific decorative features within the bathroom like plants, artwork and small displays. Task lighting should purposeful functions. Ventilation can be improved with lesser compartmentalisation of the bathroom, such as reduced height of glass shower doors or open-plan bathrooms with dry sink areas linking to the bedroom. To illuminate the bathroom that can create a balanced contrast for three basic type of lighting, namely, ambient, accent and task.


You can install it if you have the space. But always think twice before installing one as it could potentially be a mere white elephant. Look for mixers that will fill up the tub quickly so you can enjoy a soak in less than 10 minutes.


Storing a plethora of shower gels, bath soaks, shampoos and lotions will be a nightmare. So select shelves carefully before your decide to install a shelves in your bathroom. Choose shelves that can be sit under sinks or have waterproof ones can be hung over glass partitions of the shower stall.

Tab and Sinks

No matter what types of your sink or tap that you choose you must follow these height measurements for a comfortable wash with 85cm from floor up to top of basin and 30cm from top of basin to mirror’s edge.

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