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5 Outrageous Things Tobacco Executives Have Said

5 Outrageous Things Tobacco Executives Have Said

Trying to put all of the bad things tobacco executives have said into one page is like trying to tell fraternity row that Dane Cook isn’t funny or attempting to recount a Michael Bay film with anything but disgust; it’s just really, really difficult.

5 Outrageous Things Tobacco Executives Have Said

Therefore, as the only major e-cigarette company sourcing the nicotine in its products from non-tobacco crops like tomatoes and potatoes, GreenSmartLiving has decided to compile a list of the 5 most enraging comments tobacco’s henchmen have uttered. Brace yourself, it gets ugly:

5) RJ Reynolds on smoking and disease: this isn’t the last time you will see this name on our list, but we were really dumbfounded by this gem, “we strongly oppose warning labels on cigarette packs. Warning labels may improperly imply that it has been established that cigarettes cause disease.” Well that’s convenient!

4) Bennett S. LeBow, CEO of the makers of Lark and L&M cigarettes, on children: “If you really and truly are not going to market to children, you can expect to be out of business in 30 years.” Can you believe he said that? We can.

3) Philip Morris on harmfulness: “None of the things which have been found in tobacco smoke are at concentrations which can be considered harmful. Anything can be considered harmful. Apple sauce is harmful if you get too much of it.” First of all, any three year-old can tell you that there is no such thing as “too much” applesauce and any ten year-old can vouch for the fact that, unlike cigarettes, apple sauce is not addictive…at least in most cases.

2) RJ Reynolds on targeting youth: “They got lips? We want them.” RJ, you have lips? We’re surprised nobody has sealed them shut. GreenSmartLiving holds true to its efforts in steering minors away from its electronic cigarettes, insisting that no minors may enter the site and insuring that IDs are checked for age with every purchase.

1) RJ Reynolds (again) when asked if he smokes the cigarettes he pedals: “We don’t smoke that sh-t. We just sell it. We reserve the right to smoke for the young, the poor, the black and the stupid.” Yep! That was actually published…in the Time of London in August of 1992. Not exactly a snippet for the scrapbook, is it RJ?

Of course there are too many other jaw-dropping quotes uttered by Big Tobacco to include in one post. So tell us, what’s your favorite?

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