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5 Games to Watch for NFL 2014 in Week 2

5 Games to Watch for NFL 2014 in Week 2

NFL FanDuel Insider Week 2
Weekend that have football is better than weekend that do not have football. In week 2 of NFL’s 2014 that Baltimore win with a score 26-6 and the rest will playing in these weekend. There are five games to watch in these weekend but the most attractive that you can not ignore for a good match is mention below.

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First is Detroit Lions with 1-0 and Carolina Panthers with 1-0. : Show time on Sunday at 1:00pm EST.

Detroit Lion and Carolina Panthers have the save score with 1-0 and it’s very hard to predict the result of score in these coming Sunday night.

Second is Atlanta Falcons with 1-0 and Cincinnati Bengals with 1-0. : Show time on Sunday at 1:00pm EST.

These game will focus on quarterbacks that can receive with the top receivers. From FanDuel Insider, they mention that Matt Ryan got Julio Jones back to the game which come back from injured last season. For the record from these two player can receiving 247 yards and one touchdown in Week 1.

Third is Kansas City Chiefs with 0-1 and Denver Broncos with 1-0. : Show time on Sunday at 4:25pm EST.

These weekend will make you enjoy watching football game full day with the best five match. For the game that have Peyton Manning in the game is a much to watch because it will be a funny game. Who will be the one that will catch a touchdown for Broncos in these week? For the Kansas City Chiefs have a bad and also disappointing in opening week, they can touch a ball with 14 time in week 1.

Forth is Chicago Bears with 0-1 and San Francisco 49ers with 1-0. : Show time on Sunday at 8:30pm EST.

There will be a good game in week two for Chicago Bears because in Chicago team got top two Wide Receiver (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery). For San Francisco 49ers will be hard for them in week 2 because of the last result from playing Cowboys.

Fifth is Philadelphia Eagles with 1-0 and Indianapolis Colts with 0-1. : Show time on Monday at 8:30pm EST.

There are interesting things in week two because of the newbie two Quarterback of NFL against one another (Andrew Luck and Nick Foles). Philadelphia Eagles get a slow start against Jaguars but when they play at their home will by easy win. For these game luck will be used for a better game.


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