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4 Tips to Chin-Up exercises

Below you will see a great 4 tips for Chin-Up

Add Some Weight

Once you can get to the point where you can perform a bunch a reps then start adding a weight vest or a dumbbell between your feet and performing some low repetition wieghted chins. This will build strength and allow your bodyweight chins to feel extra light.

Mix up your Rep Ranges

You may train your weighted chins in the 4-6 repetition range, aiming for maximal strengt. In another session where you can complete bodyweight chin you may aim for 10 up to 12 rep range to encourage the development of strength endurance. They will complement each other and prevent you from plateauing.

Mix up your equipment

If your gym has them try some chin ups on the gymnastic rings and try some rope chin ups and towel chin ups as well. They will strengthen your grip and upper back and this converts nicely to the chin up bar.

Do not Cook yourself

It is very easy with chins to think that you should always be training to failure but this is not the case. The Chin up is a tough exercise for most people and is extremely fdraining for the central nervous system. Therefore, just like a squat or deadlift your would not train to failure every session. Try to leave a rep or two in the tank to encourage fast recovery and adaption.

Time to hit the chin bar which chin-up is a great exercise in that you will get reward for hard work. Aid for 5 sets, three time per week and remember to be patient and the progress will come for sure.

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