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4 Tips for Exercises from top trainer for horse rider

Below you will see a great 4 tips for  horse rider


Exercise 1 : Alway rode forward

Do not forget the basic to ensure your horse learns to think forward and be in front of your leg even if you are halting. Ride forward into a halt transition. Do not just close your hands to ask for the transition. Sit light close your leg and think of it being up and forwards. You should not heat a thud as he halts. When you establish halt, if it not square then correcti t immediately. Keep thinking forward. Do not tolerate stepping back. Your horse must step forward to get the square halt.

Exercise 2: Transitions within the pace

Transitions withint he pace will help to develop your horse’s activity. Transitions within the pace are a great way to encourage your horset o be more active. Collect the trot then ride forward in a bigger trot to get the activity. The more responsive your horse, the more time you can do this exercise on each long side and the more active and forward he will become keep practising. Ask for a couple of steps of coolected trot then use your inside leg to push your horse forward again. With a dfew steps of shoulder in collected trot can get your horse thinking more forward and actively by engaging his hind end,m aking space for him to step under.

Exercise 3: A bit of sideways

Adjustment within a pace to increase your horse’s focus on his work and also the quality of his pace. Building incremental transition within the pace combined with some lateral movements will help give cadence to your horse trot. If you find yor horse is not off the leg then turn on tot he diagonal thena sk for a few steps of leg yield. STraighten up again before asking for a few more steps of leg yield. This will help to get him moving away from your aids and focusing on what you are asking for.

Exercise 4: Use your corners

The use of corner to help you teach engagement while keeping your horse thinking forward. Make a transition down to walk on the long side, Check you have forward hands and sit vert still. Don’t unbalance your horse or fuss him unnecessarily at this point. Ride forward into a short and quick trot before the corner. Squeeze him forward up the long side. if het get cross tough don’t back off him because he does not like what you are asking. It must be on your terms not his. Keep riding and you must lead the conversation. DO not worry about his reaction so long as there is one. The outline will come as he learns to beforward from your leg.

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