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4 Stage Process to Decorate your Home

Creating your home is not difficult as you think

4 Stage Process to Decorate your Home

Let’s see 4 stage process to decrating your home

Decoration is awalys come with a design which no matter what platform to create your home to achieve a harmonious or balanced your home that has a sense of lightness.

What’s 4 stage stand for?

The 4 stage that mention for creating your home is story, color, mood board and apply.

Let’s start with first step is to establish your story by looking at yourself , your living situation and then think about what you love such as textures, temes, colors and what you enjoy doing and how you want to live. It’s the most easy way to starting point in your workshop. Along somtthing you love and explain where it came from.

After you have established your story the second step is color which is the hardest part of decorating process. The colour is everything in a room such as theoretical, practical and emotional. Colour will come with a ability to highlight, conceal, create and add or withdraw energy. Colour can combinations can be tricky to get right but the key is not to be frightened. Doing wrong thing or making mistake is a good thing. You have to start with one color that you love and like then ask yourself whether you can live with that color or not, if so then go on the pairing this with other colours of the same value. You can also convert a picture in to a matching colour swatch and bringing your idea to life.

The next step is all about creating mood board which these stage you should be like a child because you have to play by mixing and matching textures, colours and patterns to see how it work and what does not work. You have to trust you intution if it’s not feel right then try something else until it work. You should always refine and refine againg and again by apply your critical eye to jude the scheme flow.

The last and easiest part of the decorating process is applying your scheme to the space. For the important tip that you should concern is to create a budget and deadline for yourself and you will have your perameters in which to work. You should also measuring your space in order to ensuring the scale of your select furniture and accessories. For another important thing is getting samples for every paint and fabric that you wanna use can help you make sure for the direction that you will go for. For the final time that every element of your scheme will work harmoniously together.

Home is a place that you have to live in everyday and therefore as long as you and your family are comfortable relaxed and happy in that environment so it’s a success.

Conclude 4 Stages

  • Accessories are the secret to individuality
  • Differnt Pattern need to go together
  • Don’t be afraid of select color
  • Mood is lighting maker

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