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4 Negative effect from exercising muscles bilaterally

Below you will see 4 negative effect from exercising muscles bilaterally

Exercising muscles bilaterally that increases the compensatory effect, hampering with one awareness and eliminating the ability to correctly analyse strength, weakness and the injury potential of corresponding muscles either side of the body.

1. It can be lead to the formation of dangerous weightlifting habits, such as using accelerated momentum through bouncing, swinging or thrusting of a weight. Try to overcome mechanical disadvantage. Moving a weight that using accelerated momemtum bypasses two of body natural protective mechanisms, Muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs that increasing the risk of injury.

2.  It increases the potential for hyper stimulation of the nervous system increasing the risk of exhaustion or burnout to the body as a whole and necessitating the need for more rest. Consequently progress is slowed.

3. Lifting greater weight increases training intensity, energy expenditure and the length of rest periods that make your movement between sets and exercises slow. This leads to longer time spent working out.

4. The need for a safety net is synonymous with bilateral training. Lifting heavy weights necessitates that having someone close by in case help is required. This means either having to rely on a training partner or constantly having to ask someone for help.

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