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30 Tips For Babysitters and Parent

First of all you have to understand that children is always children and then way that you do, speak and action children will remember and do like what you did which they will keep as experience so you must understand the nature of children before you change to be the way that you want. There are 30 tips for Babysitters and Nannies Sitter to make baby or children become smarter and make children rearing easier is mention below.

1. Eyes Contact or Face to Face: When baby or children wake up baby sitter should look into baby face or eyes for a while in order to make baby remember your face and these is another way to exercise baby brain to remember something which most of parent use these technique to make their children remember their face.

2. Keep Taking: Whey you speak with baby or children you should have a space for baby to follow the word that you speak such as the last word of sentence that you speak. At the first time that you practice your baby will doubt but if you do it again and again your baby will remember and pacing the word that you speak and try to repeat the word that you speak at the space that you leave for baby to speak.

3. Wise because of breast milk: From the research parent should use breast milk for your children and baby sitter or nannies sitter should not use cow mild or other types of milk instead of breast milk because it will effect baby IQ in the future.

4. Be Funny: Baby Sitter or Nannies Sitter should make baby laugh and do something funny because these will make baby remember and copy the way that you do for example Stick your tongue out and more than 80% your baby or children will do like you did for sure.

5. Magic Mirror: Most of baby like to look into the mirror and they will feel fun when they see themselves in the mirror so these is a trick for many baby sitter and nannies sitter to make baby laugh.

6. Tickle Tickle: Tickle to baby and make them laugh because laugh is the beginning of emotion development

7. Different Picture: Carry two picture that look like the same with the distance 8 to 12 inch such as Picture of House, Picture of Tree and etc which these can make your children see the different thing from each picture that can develop baby’s memories such as article memories and reading in the future.

8. Views Together: Bring your baby to see something different such as take a walk or explain something about environment that you baby see which these will create a chance for baby to learn something new.

9. Strange Voice: Do some things different such as make a voice that you baby never hear before or copy the way that your baby speak which these will adapt and develop your baby listening skill.

10. Sing a Song: Not only make some strange voice but you should Rhythm between you and baby such as when you change Diaper for baby then you have to sing something that relate with Diaper or any song that have High-pitched or Low-pitched or you can open a song for you baby. From the research Rhythm can help baby develop and learn Match better.

11. Bathrooms Time: Bathrooms time have a value because it is place that your baby can learn a thing that around your baby such as Bathrooms equipment and etc and baby sitter can also describe to baby step by step that now what are we doing and these can help baby learn daily activity.

12. Become a Toy: No need to invest anything if you make yourself become a toy for baby such as lay down  on the floor and let baby clamber across your body which these will make you become a playground for your baby.

13. Shopping Time: Bring baby to the shopping mall which these can help baby see something new such as light, color, sound, people and many more.

14. Baby Involve: When you do something you should let your baby involve with the thing that you do such as turn off the light and you must say that you will turn off the light and then turn it off so children or baby will learn the word that you just plus reason and result.

15. Voice and Touch: Make your baby active by blow a soft wind to baby face, arm, hand, and etc and you must find rhythm when you blow the wind that fast or slow, hard or soft and etc. These will create imagination to your baby and you will see the amazing result from your baby.

16. Magic Tissue: If baby love to pull Tissue then let baby do it because to crush the paper or tissue can develop Sensory and manipulation for your baby.

17. Read a book for baby: Read a book for your baby can help your baby develop in reading faster because your baby will remember Word, Character from the book that you read for them. From the research even Children aged 8 months able to learn, remember and sort the words in the sentence 2 or 3 times so you should read something to your baby one time per day.

18. Playing hide and seek: Playing Hide and Seek can make you baby laugh and also make your baby develop when something disappear or lost then it can be come back again.

19. Different Touch: Find something that have a different skin such as mink, silk, Tissue or anything that have different skin to your baby so they will learn the feeling when baby touch each items.

20. Let baby Relax: Free time for you baby for 5 to 10 minute and do nothing so baby will discover everything around them you must let your baby Freedom and you have to wait the time until you baby come back to you these is the way to teach oneself for your baby.

21. Family Picture: Put family picture into one album and let your baby see it as often as you can in order to make baby remember cousin name and when grand parent call you can to show the picture with the voice that you baby receive a phone call.

22. Funny Meals: When you baby can eat additional food so you must not forget to make a different food that have different skin such as small fruit, big fruit, pasta, serial and many more and let your baby do it alone if baby want to which these can help develop baby senses.

23. Baby love to drop items: Sometime baby like to drop the thing that they carry to the floor so these action is the action that you can help your  baby learn about gravity.

24. Magic Box: Find three box and hide the most baby’s favorite items in the box and switch the box and let your baby find it which these is one types of brain development.

25. Create Barrier: Motivate baby skills by put sofa, pillow, box or toy and let baby crawl through it and you baby will think that how to crawl through these barrier.

26. Emulate: Most of baby like their parent do what they do for sometime so parent or baby sitter should do something when baby do such as Yawn, Speak like baby do, do the same voice that baby do, crawl like baby crawl and many more which then will inspire action and emotion from baby when they see the thing that baby sitter or parent do like what they did.

27. Make your face different: Create a new face for yourself such as show your tough, make funny face or anything that make baby interest and would like to touch but you have to make a condition such as when baby touch eyes you do this voice, when baby touch mouth you do that voice and etc.

28. Crawl like baby: Crawl slowly like baby do around the house and stop when see something different or create some spot that different in the house and let baby discover something different.

29. Way of Feeling: Carry baby around the house in the raining day that let baby touch window to feel the cold or something around the house but you must remember safety is the first priority which these can help baby develop in sense and feeling when they touch something that cold, wet or slip.

30. Tell baby story: Tell a tale or favorite tale that baby like but you must not tell the same story which you can adding your baby name into important character in order to make baby feel surprising and fun.

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