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3 Tips to do with White Chocolate

Below you will see 3 tips to make with your white chocolate
3 Tips to do with White Chocolate

First Tip

You can jazz up some coconut cake with some white chocolate that you have with ganache. You have to use equal amounts of double cream to chocolate and heating the cream until just about to boil then pouring over the chocolate with knob of butter then stirring until melted. Using cooled that spread over your cake and topping with a few raspberries or using pistachios.

Second Tip

You can coat your bonfire apples with amazing white chocolate by pierce the apples through the core with wooden skewer then dip it into bowl of tempered chocolate. After that leave it for a while in order to let it set on greaseproof. You can adding some drop of almond that can adding a flavouring to your chocolate.

Third Tip

For the last tips which you have an alternative chocolate fondue which you can try white chocolate and dipping blackberries in a pot of melted white chocolate. You can also try strawberries and raspberries which it also work very well in your hot summer month of the year.

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