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2014 Fantasy Football QB, RB and WR Rankings

2014 Fantasy Football QB, RB and WR Rankings
FanDuel just launch ranking for Fantasy Football with QB, RB and WR Rankings which updated directly from FanDuel Insider which these will help you making decision much more easier if you read these useful article in order to prepared as much as you can for this season. For the ranking that FanDuel Insider provide for players are separate into 3 categories such as 2014 NFL RB Ranks, 2014 NFL WR Ranks and 2014 NFL Sleepers.

2014 Fantasy Football Quarterback (QB)

Fantasy Football season is coming soon, are you prepare for the game now. If you are not ready for the game or you rack of information on how to pick the right players. Below will show you Quarterback ranking with top 50 Picks. No matter this information is useful for you or not but these will helping you saving your time to get prepared to dominate your draft.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the top 3 Quarterback and he got scoring 18 rushing TDs in 2008. For statistic of his record at 2536 yards, 17 TD, 6 Int and Comp/Att at 193/290.

Aaron Rodgers

2. Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the perfect captain which he can thrown for 5,000 plus yards and 39-plus TDs in three seasons. He may be the one who can make a huge in these season. For the statistics is 5,162 yards, 39 TD, 12 Int and Comp/Att at 446/650.

3. Peyton Manning
One of the best prolific passer but he’s not No. 1 because of his injury and his age at 38 year old. For his statistics is 5,477 yards, 55 TD, 10 Int and Comp/Att at 450/659

4. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford have statistic 4,650 yards, 29 TD, 19 Int and Comp/Att at 371/634 which have can thrown at least 4,600 yards plus 20 touchdowns for last three seasons. For the record of NFL with no one can passed the ball more than he do in the last three year.

5. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan have statistics 4515 yards, 26 TD, 17 Int and Comp/Att at 439/651 which he have a bad season and losing his rookie in 2008 he got sacked 44 times and lose Julio Jones for the last five games.

6. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck have statistics at 3822 yards, 23 TD, 9Int and Comp/Att at 343/570

7. Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Cam Newton is a recommended players because he can play with his arm and legs which is a great option for Quarterback and now he just recovered from his ankle surgery so these will make him faster than in the past. For his statistics is 3379, 24 TD, 13 Int and Comp/Att at 292/473.

8. Nick Foles

Nick Foles have a great score fantasy points plus his special ability for reduce turnovers. For his statistics is 2,891 yards, 27 TD, 2 Int and Comp/Att at 203/317.

9. Tony Romo

Tony Romo are count as top 10 Fantasy Quarterback for the past three years which you can assure that he’s durable Quarterback for these season. For his statistics

10. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a player that use brain to play because he always find a way to make a top point and keep better score in each season. For the prediction of these season is of Tom Brady will be in top 10 of quarterback. For his statistic is 4343 yards, 25 TD, 11 Int and Comp/Att at 380/628.

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