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10 Tips for Happy Kids

Below you will see 3 tips for happy kids

Sometimes you need a little reminding of the simple everyday way to optimise your children’s happiness.

For the first but not last thing that need to be said is that kids do not have to be happy all the time but they need to learn to deal with feeling of sadness, frustration, loss, jealousy, anger, envy and disppointment. All these are call negative emotion. That’s how your kids become resilient to the ups and downs of life they will inevitably face. Kids also need to learn that it’s not alwars all about them. They are in their life with other who matter as much as they do. What you want your kids to be is generally happy and grounded in self confidence and repect for themselves and others. The ability to feel empathy while still knowing that they can ask for and often receive what they want. The automatic answer to the question of what make your children happy would be love so that given as long as it unconditonal. Love is the big one but then there are everyday little things that can also make a child life more comfortable. Below you will see a tips that it worth to keeping in mind.

Kids eat on time and eat well

Not to everyone and some people may think that eating after school for example will spoil dinner and on tiome does not just mean mealtime. Active little people need snacks in between to refuel their brains and growing bodies. Blood sugar lows can result in poor concertration and inability to focus and settle which can have consequences at school. Kid do not alway tell you that they are hungry either sometimes they are so gractious they do not focus or express themselves clearly. Often the difference between an uncooperative.

Get good sleep

You can learn these when you kid are tiny what a different sleep makes to their moods. The consequences of ppor sleep patterns in older kids go well beyond mood, though, to affect behaviour, attention, learning and memory. Like irregular or poor eathing patterns. They can affect a child’s performance and behaviour at school. There also mounting evidence that lack of sleep can lead to metabolic changes connected to obesity, insulin resistance. One study ground that each additional hour of sleep lowered a child’s risk of obesity by 9% on average. Having a set bedtime encourage children to understant that sleep is really important. If there is a hard and fast rule around bedtime and they will learn to accept it without too much argument.

Structured and Unstructure Play

It tempting to reminisce about how idyllic childhood used to be when kids were free to roam and make their own fun until it was time for meal. Life can be far too scripted and scheduled. With after school classes in case you have a budding genius and toys that almost do the playing for them. A recent report from American stated that free, unstructured play help children reach key social emotional and cognitive developmental milestone. It also help them manage stress and develop resilience.

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