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10 Common Storage Problems and tips to solve them

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Tips to Solve Storage Problems

How to keep as much storage as possible in the least amount of space. One of the most headache inducing problem of space starved for your house that embarking on their renovation process. These post will show you and address your stroage nightmares and also provide suggestions on how to tuck away everything from shoes to washing machine.


Problem 1: You want many storage compartments but you don’t want them to be seen

There are no limites to the way that you can conceal built in cupboards or nooks. You can use decorative panels for floor to ceiling storage compartments so it will look like feature wall. For alternative, wallpaper with linear design elements able to hide the outlines of cupboard doors and drawers.


Problem 2: You don’t have a big bedroom space but you want to create walk in wardrobe

A lot of designer dream of devoting for entire bedroom to the diplay of their clothing and accessories but if you can afford only to crave out for a section of your room for your wardrobe which you can still replicate a walk in wardrobe feel by zoning off some semi private alcove or by setting up an open wardrobe system.


Problem 3: Beside getting a bed base that have storage underneath so how can you stow away items which it easy to retrieve?

These problem is very hard to solve rather than conventional floor to ceiling cabinets. You can go horizontal instead or raise the entire floor by builing in a storage platform for keep bulky. You can cumbersome items such as luggage out of sight. It’s better suited for homes with higher ceilings. These idea can created a playful but it cosy as well.


Problem 4: How can you free up more space in your kitchen cabinets?

If you are running out of storage space in your kitchen and would like to avoid cluttering the worktop. Ceiling mounted kitchen shelves can be one of the best option that rescue. Without taking up additional floor space, shelves allow you to store and able to display items for example cookware and steamware tidily. For another idea is to install a drying rack for dishes above th sink and you will get freeing up more space on the counter top.


Problem 5: How to keep your large shoe collection and accessible without having to build a huge cabinet?

It’s a big problem for women that have a lot of shoes and shoe usually come in all shapes and sizes. Most of women will ned up squashed or buried when stored in conventional cabinets. In order to keep your shoes accessible you can use existing cabinet doors to anchor shoe shelves with customized build ins. The narrowest space can be utilised to either hide or display footwear.


Problem 6: Need some shelves but how can you make them take up as little space as possible?

Shelves can be very useful because it can divide spaces so there is possible way that you can do away with wall and replace them with a full height shelf instead. This way you can display items too.


Problem 7: How can you build storage space for items that you need them?

An upside that can engagin an interior desinger or contractor which they can design for you with unique furniture pieces for incorporate storage. For example of these issue is a simple drawer under the dining table that allows you to reach for condiments effortlessly. You can having a bookshelf within your sofa frame that can creates a conducive reading environment.


Problem 8: Not enougt space in your bedroom for a dressing table

You can take a hint for customise a bedside table that flips open and transforms into a makeshift vanity corner. The underside of the tabletop can be fully utilised as a mirror. On the other hand you can also do this with narrow spaces at the side of your bed frame.


Problem 9: Can integrate storage areas around on bay window?

Yes you can do with clever way to conceal the bay window slab by constomising a sofa or daybed and over it by using part of the space underneath for storage. Moreover, you can maximise the area of the designer by integrated a side of table into the corner of the daybed so you can freed up the need for television console by concealing the home’s entertainment systems within you seat.


Problem 10: How can you store your washing machine and dryer in your kitchen and still keep them accessible?

For these problem can not be solve without a designated laundry area. You can try raising the kitchen worktop in order to tuck bulky and frequently by used appliance such as washing machine underneath.

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