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GroundLink Coupon Lists

Updated GroundLink Coupon Code Lists

1. Coupon: BIWN3: Save $25 Off Your First Ride
2. Coupon: bi7w7: Save $25 Off on your first ride
3. Coupon: bjfi7: $25 Credit for New Customer
4. Coupon: NEWYORK20: Save 20% Off on your order
5. Coupon: bigg: Save $30 Off on your Ride
6. Coupon: biw22: Save $25 Off on your first ride
7. Coupon: RIDER: Save 10% Off on your Next Ride
8: Coupon: DPSAVE10: Save 10% Off on your order
9. Coupon: bjf6a: Save $25% Off on your first ride
10. Coupon: SWEETHEART: Save 15% Off on your order
11. Coupon: GL25OFF: Save $25 Off on your First Ride
12. Coupon: RIDER – 10% off any booking
13. Coupon: GORIDER10: Save 10% Off on all booking
14. Coupon: GETPOINTS – Earn 2X and 3X on Groundlink points
15. Coupon: SAVE15 – 15% off any trip
16. Coupon: RIDER10 – 10% off any booking

(Some Discount will active during your checkout process)

About GroundLink

GroundLink is a site that provide car rental services worldwide. GroundLink is a professional that provide ground travel industry. When you visit GroundLink website you will find their services that separate into categories such as Buses, Vans, Shuttles, Taxis, Limousines, Car Rental, Ride Sharing and many more for you to select at GroundLink website. GroundLink join ground travel business since 2003 which you can assure in their services quality which guarantee from their experience. Bot only offer a variety of renting types but GroundLink also giving away GroundLink Coupon for you which you can apply GroundLink Coupon after you finish adding your select renting types and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter GroundLink Coupon which can save your money up to 15% off. If you have any question about renting problem which you can contact their call center directly at 1 (855) 747-6863.

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Megabus VS The Others

From the comparison table, let’s get started from the pricing of each bus companies. However, before getting started, there are some attributes that we can’t compare such as the number of bus stations, bus terminals, and bus routes because they are all depended on the availability of each bus operators. For pricing, it seems to us that the megabus bus tickets is the winner because most of the time, megabus offers the lowest price per seat as low as $1 per seat and sometimes, if the passengers are lucky, they get free seat and remain taxes to pay. At the present day, some bus lines have extended its service to not only to travel from destinations to destinations, but there are some sightseeing services as well such as New York Sightseeing, Woodbury common bus tickets, and so on. It looks like there Megabus is the only bus company that provide these but the rest of them such as Amtrak, Grayhound, and Goto Bus can only offer the tour packages like hotels and flights but without sightseeing.

Sightseeing & Reward Programs

When we come to the reward programs, Megabus and Goto Bus do not provide any reward programs such as collecting miles from the credit card, or to count the miles on the travel. For Megabus, we believe that the bus company offers the lowest price comparing to others and so there might not be necessities to attract customers with any reward programs. On the other hands, for Goto bus, Gotobus is the company that gathers the service but they don’t have their own bus and so, the company is literally sending customers to the specific bus routes and bus companies, that’s why there’re no reward programs for both of them. For Amtrak and Grayhound, they are huge in the size and they’ve coordinated with many credit cards company, and so they are able to offer the points or reward programs.

Overnight travel

Most of the time, people travel at night and the overnight travel means that the bus companies offer extra service such as beds and comfy stuff to accommodate night travel. For megabus, the company has megabus gold as a more superior class of traveling at night with bunk to sleep and extra services like snacks, afternoon tea, and food to serve but only available in UK at this time. For Amtrak, the bus company provides sleeping car for train only and not for buses.

The Promotion Code

There are 2 bus companies that seem to offer promotion code for the customers. The first one is Grayhound, we have the reason to believe that Grayhound offers promotion code because Megabus started off with promotion code for extra saving for the passengers, however, we don’t find many code for Grayhound at this time. But for Megabus, the company started to offer special promotion code since the early 2010 and the promotion code can activate $1, Free Seat, Half price ticket, and so on.

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