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Clean water with $16 solution

Clean water with Filter? for $16 solution can it happen?

Clean water with $16 solution
Essential for survival attend the world population doesn’t have access to clean water instead water sources are contaminated with bacteria, viruses and toxins. With cleaning millions of lives every years don’t know these. The famous institution of technology of water have a team of bio engineer and they have found a solution to $16 with the name of filtration system that uses chemical contaminants and microbes. Microbial properties is properties of house especially craft related aluminum entitles them come from the shelter stations as water flows through the filter particles become oxidized wasn’t a lot of feelings in 10 minutes production filters players no electricity.

One Filter for the entire year of the research had expressed that concern over the efficacy of the technology to clean but couldn’t print the challenge for pushing forward with the technology for human by the end of the year when it comes to clean water solutions instead of thinking big.

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